My eccentric creaks, what should I do?

Hold on a minute

We have one of the busiest repair shops in the industry, and we solve more bottom bracket creaks than you can shake a stick at. The first thing we've learned is to eliminate the easy things first so we don't go chasin' a rabbit down the wrong hole and come up empty.

Every year we have a few customers email us to help them solve a bb creak. Most of the time we get it solved before ever addressing the eccentric itself. There are several places that a bottom bracket creaking noise can come from that we need to eliminate first. These are things that happen to bicycles with or without eccentrics in them and we see every day in the repair shop here in Seattle. I apologize in advance if you've already done all of these things, but we do need to eliminate them as a possibility first. If one of these things is creaking, no amount of work on the eccentric will solve the creak.

The cause for the common creak
The cause for the eccentric creak

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