Will the Bushnell fit my frame?

If you are the owner of a Cannondale (that already uses an ebb), Co-motion Tandem, GT Ruckus, Santana Tandem*, Trek Tandem*, or Fisher* (that already uses and ebb) the answer is yes, you can upgrade to a Bushnell eccentric. For everyone else, the answer is probably.

Here's a list of known ebb sizes

Brandebb size
Cannondale tandem
(Old 1980's or 1990's)
Cannondale tandem - Modern54mm
Cannondale Single Speed54mm
Fisher Single Speed ATB57mm
GT Ruckus54mm
Santana Tandem57mm
Otheremail me

If you are a frame builder looking to buy a bb shell to fit a Bushnell, contact Nova for steel and aluminum shells, or Da Vinci for stainless steel or titanium bb shells. Vist our ebb distributor page for contact info.

* We are now producing shims for fitting our Bushnell eccentric into Fisher, Santana, and just about any bike that it wouldn't fit before.

The Bushnell eccentric is designed to fit in a bottom bracket shell that has an internal diameter of 53.8mm to 54.0mm (or 2.120" to 2.125"), or can be shimmed to 55 and 57mm sizes for just $20.

for other sizing questions, email me

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